Baz & Caroline


Caroline & Baz bring a wealth of experience and expertise to their training sessions. Caroline has a level 2 in strength & conditioning, fitness & wellbeing, having also qualified as a Nordic Walking instructor. Baz gained valuable experience in outdoor activities. He is a qualified Mountain Leader, delivering quality teaching in navigation.

Carl Baker

Senior Instructor

Carl is former serving member of Her Majesty's forces, and is a qualified PTI (Physical Training Instructor) also Battalion boxing champion. He has utilised that skill & experience in delivering coaching classes in this field. Carl is also highly experienced and qualified to deliver many other aspects in physical training, which include Kettle-Bell, Power Bag's & the Wellbeing programme.

Bobby McGuane

Operations Manager

Bobby is our operations manager, organising, planning & consulting for the company. He is also a qualified PTI, and one of the best infinitive instructors I know. He is a former serving member of 2 Riles, formally The Royal Green Jackets. Bobby is a great asset to the company.

Albert (Bert) Lilley

Trainee Instructor

Albert is one of our young trainee's. Although Bert is not yet fully qualified, he has many years experience climbing the hill's & mountains of the UK. He is soon to join a team on an attempt of Mont Blanc. Albert is also training for The Royal Marines, he is a great asset to the company, and will be for many years to come.

Vladimir Turek

Climbing Instructor, Sports Therapy

Vlad is our climbing instructor. I have known & worked with Vlad for many years. He is a keen instructor who brings bags of enthusiasm to any event. Vlad is a former Czech paratrooper having served during the Balkans conflict. He is a very experienced outdoor instructor in every-way. He also holds the coveted PTI qualification being a former Park Manager with BMF (British Military Fitness) Highly experienced in sports science & therapy, gaining his masters at this level. He is currently practicing sports rehabilitation at an RAF base within the UK, and offering his advice & treatment to our injured clients.

Wayne Scripps

Power Lifting Instructor

Wayne is another of our seasoned instructors. Specialising in his passion for dead-lifting, he also has a wealth of knowledge in a wide variety of sports activities. A former member of Her Majesty's Forces and an experienced BMF instructor. Wayne is a power-house, and a keen rugby player who also has a fantastic knowledge in sports sciences.The experience Wayne gained while serving in the military certainly shows in his enthusiasm when delivering his instruction. A vital & key member of our team.